Our values

Impact Hub Kigali is a community of entrepreneurs, creative professionals and visionaries who work both independently and interdependently to find bold, innovative, market-based solutions for Rwanda, East Africa, and the world.

Whether through our innovative programs, community events, art, a chat over coffee or simply sharing space, we believe in speeding up innovation through the collision of new and different ideas, people, practices and perspectives.

We strive to host a ridiculously wide range of events: engineering workshops for young people, TEDx talks, chess tournaments, town hall discussions with policymakers—anything to bring the community closer together and inspire growth. We’re devoted to making Kigali a hub of innovation and creative entrepreneurship. We want to give this city the creative confidence to make its own future.

So yeah, Impact Hub Kigali is more than a desk.

At Impact Hub Kigali, we are a diverse community of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences; what brings us together are our shared values, which coincide with those of the global Coworking movement.


All members should take advantage of Impact Hub members’ collective pool of experience through collaboration,sharing and mutual support. As a unified workspace, we expect members to contribute to the community’s evolution: Spread the word to other creative professionals and entrepreneurs to expand the ecosystem, and contribute ideas and skills to improve the environment and the facilities at Impact Hub Kigali.


We favor friendship over formality, learning over expertise, and collaboration over competition. We strive to be inclusive for moral and economic reasons, and we don’t shy away from expansive, liberal thinking. This entrepreneurial habitat can’t thrive without engaging the larger business, creative, entrepreneurial, governmental, non-governmental and technical communities together in the spirit of transparency and trust.

Be kind and respectful to other members and their ideas. Everyone at Impact Hub Kigali should endeavor to keep it positive, keep it humble, and encourage their peers to realize their full potential.


Always strive to give more to the community and the quality of the space than you take from it. In line with the values of openness, respect and collaboration, all members are expected to always act with the community in mind. This means reaching out not only to forward-thinking individuals at Impact Hub Kigali, but those in the greater Rwandan community as well. 


Coworking is about making the conscious, personal choice to work alongside others instead of in isolation. It gives people the chance to create new solutions to the problems they have, rather than relying on outdated ones. It’s about saying, “We can do better”—and doing it. 


Our members pay money to join our community so that Impact Hub Kigali is self-sustainable.  This is a reflection of Rwanda’s bigger push to move towards a self-sustaining economy,driven by grassroots business opportunities rather than funded by external sources.

We also advocate environmental sustainability by using our collective knowledge to support domestic, environmentally friendly initiatives. Whenever possible, we make everything ourselves from local and/or recycled materials. As a matter of social responsibility, members are also encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle materials in their daily lives, and to consider the impact of their actions and businesses on the wider Rwandan, East African and global communities of which we are all a part.