Community and space in Kigali!

Impact Hubs catalyze a vibrant community, meaningful content, and an inspiring space to help you move from intention to impact. While every Impact Hub offers a collaborative space and supportive working environment, each has its own unique local flavor.

Impact Hub Kigali’s community has been at the forefront of coworking in Kigali since 2012 and this quarter we offer you a menu of flexible office solutions.

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Three Ways to choose us

[blue_service_item title=”Flexible Office Space” icon_class=”fa-coffee”]Do you need a place to work away from a coffee shop, your home or the pod in your office? We have just the right spot in our space.[/blue_service_item]
[blue_service_item title=”Connect Membership” icon_class=”fa-briefcase”]We invite you to join our community of social enterprises to access hosting and participation in our networking and learning events all year round.[/blue_service_item]

Desk space starting from Frw.30,000

Are you start up with a social mission? Are you an individual or a team looking for workspace below market prices?


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