Circular Economy Acceleration Program

“Fast forward to Sustainability”

Group 157

The Circular Economy Acceleration Program is a program to support startups or companies to become more sustainable. The program is designed to leverage Circular Economy principles in supporting startups or companies to identify and capture new opportunities in their product or service lifecycle that will ultimately lead to the sustainable growth of their circular businesses.


Last year, we supported six startups and companies to become more circular through a 6-months acceleration program that consists of:

Program Timeline

Benefits of the program

New Revenue Streams 

Tools to identify circular innovations for your business that will lead to potential new revenue streams for your business


Leverage Circular Economy principles to become more environmentally and economically sustainable

Individualized Coaching

Receive individualized coaching to apply Circular Economy principles to your business

Workshops and Trainings 

Attend workshops and trainings on topics of Product/material journey mapping, circular opportunity identification, circular collaborations, circular business modeling

Seed Funding

Seed funding of 3K USD per team to test out circular innovations 

Circular Economy Network

Become part of the Circular Economy network to raise awareness on CE and sustainability

Program Highlights

Circular Demo Day

On Thursday, July 7th 2022, Impact Hub Kigali in partnership with the Digital Transformation Center Rwanda hosted the Circular Demo Day – a culmination of the 6-months long Circular Economy Acceleration Program. At the event,  Aflimba, Crop Tech, GreenRev, Kosmotive, Ngozi naturals, and Sanit Wing showcased their journeys to becoming more circular, sharing with the audience the circular innovations they have been testing within the program….


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)